911 iDesigns takes pride in building one-on-one relationships with our clients. We also enjoy working with companies and businesses that are in need of help. Many times an organization will be in a pinch and need someone to help provide some relief for their overworked marketing department. And there are times when an employee takes ill suddenly or goes on an extended leave of absence. Well, that's where 911 iDesigns comes to the rescue!


We can pick up the project in the beginning, middle or end. We learn your work flow process and take care of the project insuring the same level or better level of expertise. We can work on- or off-site. When on-site we use the company's workstation, whether it is MAC or PC. 911 iDesigns also supports the latest software applications such Adobe and Microsoft products. Anytime there is an upgrade, we get it which means no learning curve to contend with.


We hope you will consider 911 iDesigns when it comes to filling in when needed. Your staff will thank you!